Home Entertainment Comedy actor Ashraf Khan to undergo heart surgery: reports

Comedy actor Ashraf Khan to undergo heart surgery: reports


(Web Desk) – Renowned comedy actor Ashraf Khan will undergo heart surgery on coming Friday and requires B+ blood, according to media reports.

Known for his iconic roles in popular dramas like Janjaal Pura, Double Sawari, Gharoor, Kalloo Kababi, Afsar Bekaar E Khaas, Mohabbat Youn Bhi Hoti Hai, Khandan, Gharana Fasana and others, the actor will undergoing heart disease. For medical help, he has scheduled a heart surgery later this week.

Need B+ blood on Friday for our well known comedian Mr. Ashraf Khan open heart surgery. Pray for him & if anyone can arrange or donate him.

A Twitter account claimed that he requires B+ blood for the heart surgery and requested fans to contribute to the cause. Ashraf Khan is known to perform in the famous drama Fifty Fifty which rose his popularity and critical acclamation. The actor contributed a lot in the golden era of PTV dramas. He is still remembered for his famous comic characters.


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